Hello everyone! Here is our 'Winter Litter' at 4 weeks old. 💕😊💕 

They had to start eating wet food a little early and they dive right in so they are a little messy!! All kittens are doing very well!                       ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»ðŸŒ»                       

Will post again when they are 6 weeks old on 12/22/18 ! ENJOY!!! All kittens have been Reserved!     



💕Jazzy & Snow 💕   

 ðŸ’•    We Now SHIP Our Kittens Within    💕
the Continental United States!! 

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Kitten Status Explanation

AVAILABLE: This kitten is available for adoption.

UNDER BREEDER EVALUATION: Artcityclaws is evaluating the possibility of keeping this kitten as a breeder. This kitten may become available at a later date.

RESERVED: Someone has picked their kitten and they have placed a $350 or $750 deposit to reserve their choice.

OPTION: Another Maine Coon breeder is considering this kitten as a future breeder for their cattery. 

SOLD: This kitten has been paid in full & has found her/his forever home.