Maine Coon Traits

 Maine Coon  cats are a distinctive breed and North America's oldest natural breed.  They are often referred to as gentle giants due to their larger than  average stature and gregarious temperament. Males typically weigh from  12 to 25 lb and females weigh from 8 to 16 lb. Unlike regular cats that  take about a year to reach full size and maturity, Maine Coon cats take  3-5 years to complete their growth. Their bodies are sturdy, muscular  and rectangular. Their coat is long, silky and flowing with a heavier  weatherproof topcoat and soft undercoat. Their ears are large and  heavily feathered to prevent snow from gaining entry. Often they are  tufted on the end with a lynx tip that is desirable within the breed  standard. Their feet are large and heavily tufted on the bottoms to  provide them with a snowshoe capability over snow. Maine Coons have  long, full and bushy tails making them ideal for wrapping around their  bodies for additional warmth. The breed includes all colors with the  exception of pointed colors like the Siamese. Their eyes are large and  wide set and can be shades of green, gold or copper, although white cats  are permitted to be blue or odd-eyed.

 The  Maine Coon cat is notorious for their people oriented nature and many  owners compare them to dogs in that regard. They are intelligent and  playful cats, many can even be taught to fetch and perform other tricks!  They most certainly are not the typical aloof and independent house cat  so do be prepared to spend time with them. If you will be away from  home a lot of the time it would be prudent to consider getting a pair at  the same time. Then they have each other as companions and it is  definitely twice the fun for you to watch their antics!